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Our Cows

We love our cows and they love us.  Our herd of 80 Holsteins is pampered in unique ways… they live in a spacious, climate-controlled barn, with roomy, open pens and special “suites” for pregnant cows. The cows’ living areas are covered with a thick layer of rubber to protect their hooves and joints and make it more comfortable for these 1500-2000 pound animals to stand on. The sand bedding is more comfortable than straw, prevents bacterial growth, stays cleaner and stays cool in the summer. The barn roof and walls have adjustable “curtains” to maintain optimal airflow. Our facility is designed for inclement weather, otherwise the cows have free access to excellent pasture for grazing and exercise. Approximately 30 of the Holsteins provide milk for the Creamery. The cows are milked six at a time, in an automated system that keeps them at eye level so they can be visually inspected and have individual contact with the herdsman. In commercial dairies that typically milk 24 cows at a time, it is difficult to notice any changes in their condition.

Certified Humane

The Ludwig cows’ superior genetics, careful nutrition, and outstanding care result in healthy cows with low somatic cell counts, a pedigree trait which translates into cleaner milk, as well as higher protein and butterfat content than Holsteins raised in commercial dairies. We believe this translates into great tasting cheese! We are Certified Humane in the raising, feeding, and handling of our cows.